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Better for Business, Better for Clients: Practical Practice Improvement

Webcast – April 19, 2017 – 12 Noon (MDT) More Information coming soon

In an ever-changing mental health care climate, private individual and group practices are often challenged to find creative solutions to common problems. “How do I make my business better, making certain that I am growing, my clients are benefitting, and my bottom line is hitting that financial target, you wonder?” While there are many ways to grow your practice, in this presentation, I share two distinct methods for practice change and growth that will stabilize and improve your business outcomes, while benefitting your clients!

In this Webcast participants will:

  • Learn to risk during times of uncertainty and be more resilient
  • Create a new mental health assessment, prevention, and wellness model that benefits clients and is great for business
  • Develop a framework for creating dynamic “in and out of office” specialty programs which helps you reach your target market