I recently met Howard Baumgarten through his seminar, Building Your Best Practice.  Howard is warm and immediately engaging.  He gave us tools each step of the way as he showed us how to write a business plan, explained the importance of diversification, and stressed organization – all while continually returning us to the foundation of strong clinical skills and work ethics.  I left inspired and grateful, with the belief I have the professional skills to go forward in building my private practice.

~ Ellen Smith-Erb, LCSW, Cumberland, Maine

Like many clinicians I study to gain further clinical skills and feel confident in being a compassionate listener, yet lack the structural knowledge for building a secure practice. After taking Howard’s Building Your Best Practice course, I feel equipped and excited to launch my new practice. An invaluable training!

~ Anna Strout, LCSW, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

I had the good fortune of attending Howard’s seminar Building your Best Practice: The Art of Entrepreneurship in your Clinical Setting. The information in his seminar was well researched and practical. His presentation was clear, well paced, and engaging. His understanding of the needs of clinicians was spot on. And his sense of humor was lovely. Already, I have incorporated several of Howard’s suggestions to strengthen my own practice, and I am a better and smarter practitioner because of it.

~ Dyer P. Bilgrave, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Baltimore, Maryland

I attended Howard Baumgarten’s seminar called Building Your Best Practice (through PESI.) I found his seminar very enlightening and decided to incorporate a number of his recommendations into my private practice. As a result, I feel more organized and feel that I am running my practice more efficiently. I plan to continue to implement more of his recommendations as time and money allow and as I grow my practice. I feel that his seminar was highly beneficial and informative. I highly recommend practitioners attend Mr. Baumgarten’s seminar to learn how to build a successful and efficient practice.

~ Jennifer S. Molinari, LCPC, NCC, Owner of Progressive Counseling (www.jennifermolinari.com), Columbia, Maryland

Howard Baumgarten was the principal consultant to our business for 8 years. During that time, he significantly increased our health care contracts as well as our number of participating providers. He fostered ongoing relationships with community hospitals, installed physician marketing and networking programs throughout the Denver metropolitan area, and created and maintained unique and direct partnerships with managed care organizations. Beyond these accomplishments, Howard was ultimately dependable, always did what he said he would do, and consistently demonstrated a very high level of professional ethics and integrity. I recommend him very highly and without qualification.

~ Thomas Giles, CEO and Director, Westside Behavioral Care, Inc., Denver, Colorado

Howard has been one of the most influential mentors and teachers in my career. His ability to translate the challenging world of business into applicable terms mental health professionals can utilize is irreplaceable. Howard’s experience growing solo and group practices helped me develop vision for my practice. He also taught me the hands-on tools for developing my vision into reality. I am now a successful private practice owner with continued plans for expansion and development!

~ Joel Bruns, MA, NCC, Carmel, Indiana www.thegrnroom.com

I started meeting with Howard when I decided to make the “jump” into starting a private practice. It is an intimidating step into uncharted territory, and it made a world of difference having Howard as a guide who has been through it before and has the wisdom and resources for navigating. Howard is down-to-earth and easy to talk to, which allowed me to be open about my strengths and needs. He has been attuned to who I am as a person and clinician as has given me recommendations that fit. He also has a great deal of practical knowledge to share, which has helped me avoid having to primarily learn through “trial-and-error.” The goals we set in our meetings provide the accountability that helps me stay on track as I continue to develop my practice.

~ Laura McCarthy, PhD, LMFT, Denver, Colorado

Howard is exceptionally knowledgeable about both the business and clinical side of private practice. He has taught a very popular and helpful course to master’s level counseling students and has himself built a very successful private practice. Howard is an engaging presenter, and uses his wealth of clinical and practical experience to launch mental health professionals into private practice. Whoever attends one of his workshops or courses will be assured of leaving with valuable information and insight that can make a positive difference in one’s career path.

~ Marsha Wiggins, Ph.D., Professor Emerita, University of Colorado Denver

Howard’s tremendous knowledge, awareness and compassion for the mental health field have been advantageous for the success of my own practice. After taking his graduate course on Private Practice at the University of Colorado and serving as clinical intern in his practice, I have grown both my clinical confidence and my sense for doing business in my own practice. Howard is supportive of my ideas, therapeutic technique, and creativity, while also challenging me to think unconventionally as a business professional. I am honored to have worked with Howard over the past year.

~ Brittany LoSasso M.A., Denver, Colorado