SPC: The Book

If you have participated in one of my Level 1 Training or webinars then you are familiar with exactly what Smart Practice Central is all about and my passion about helping other professionals build a private practice that thrives and incorporates smart business, strong ethics, and clinical integrity. I have been offered a great opportunity to put these ideas and concepts into book form. The book, which has a working title at the moment, has been in development for about the past year. My vision for the book came straight out of my combined experiences as a therapist, an instructor of a course on the business of private practice, a consultant in the business of private practice building and management, and the training’s I offer. In the end, my hopes and goals for this book are that it is one of the most comprehensive, step-by-step, guides to building your best private practice available to both those just starting out and seasoned clinicians . While the book incorporates much of what I teach in my seminars and trainings, it is so much more. I go into greater detail and depth of the who, what, when, where, and how’s and really challenge you as a reader to engage with the content and encourage you to take the action you have been wanting to in your private practice all along.

The book is well underway and you can expect it to be available in the upcoming year. Until then stay tuned and take advantage of opportunities to get involved and contribute to the book or simply to stay abreast of ways to enhance your practice.

Currently we are gathering information about the experience of building and sustaining a private practice both professionally and personally. Go to our online questionnaire and tell us about your own experiences. I’d love to hear about your journey in building and maintaining your practice!

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