Private Practice Inventory (PPI)

Part 1

Smart Practice Central is interested in the current state of private practice in the fields of mental health care, life coaching, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech/language therapy. Our hope is to obtain answers to questions about overall personal and professional provider/owner satisfaction, identify the current needs of these professions in private practice, and explore effective models of growth and change.

Results of this survey may be shared with graduate student trainees, in professional trainings, and/or published on this website and in other print material.

Thank you for taking time to answer these questions. Your answers will assist in further understanding many areas of private practice across disciplines and within communities throughout the United States.

Please answer each of the following questions as accurately as possible.

The information you share in the survey is used to understand overall trends and the status of private practice as an industry. Individual results and/or identifying information are never shared.

There are 60 questions in the survey and it should take approximately 20 minutes to answer all questions. Please complete the survey in its entirety.

* 1. Please indicate your profession:

2. How long in private practice?

3. Please indicate the city & state in which you currently practice

4. Of the following, which best describes your role in your practice:

5. How much time is spent in your practice (total hours, not just hours of clients seen):

6. Do you currently perform any other paid employment outside your practice?

7. If yes to previous question, how many hours per week do you work outside your private practice?

8. If yes to question #6, briefly describe the other work you do.

9. How satisfied are you with the current annual revenue generated by you in your practice?

10. What category best describes your total annual revenue this past year:

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