Level I Practice Building

In our complex behavioral health world, and with the challenges of successfully implementing major changes in America’s healthcare system, never before is it more important to learn how not only to survive, but also to thrive in your behavioral healthcare practice. As a leader and expert in the business of private practice building and management, I take you through a series of education modules that merge best business practices with enhancing therapeutic techniques and outcomes.

In this Level 1 training, I describe numerous strategies, in a variety of areas including organization, marketing/networking, managed care, asset growth and protection, and more. You will learn the art of entrepreneurship in your clinical setting and will be able to go back to your office with an individualized business plan that meets your needs both clinically and in business. The philosophy of practice management breeding excellent clinical outcomes will become internalized with practical tools, through ethical and effective methods that make sense for today’s practitioner.  (Approx. 6 CE’s Available)

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There are no current live Level I trainings at this time.  Please see below for purchase of a previously recorded presentation.


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Level 1 Practice Building on CD
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