Are You Protected Online?

In an ever-changing technological world, it is critical for entrepreneurs to ensure their business’s online safety and security. This especially goes for therapists in private practice. In addition to protecting our business’s accounts, we are tasked with safeguarding our clients’ confidential health (and financial) information. As the internet continually challenges us in storing, managing, and protecting client data, it’s important for mental health clinicians to keep up.

Security OnlineTherefore, I am highlighting a recent TherapySites article titled, Cybersecurity: Three Basis Steps to Secure Your Business. The web development company that is “Designed for Therapists, By Therapists” offers insight on the increased vulnerability of healthcare businesses, along with suggestions to increase one’s online protection. Click HERE for this article.

TherapySites offers educational articles each month, as well as hosts FREE educational webinar series designated for private practitioners. I am excited to be taking part in their next series, as I host a webinar titled, “Better for Business, Better for Clients: Practice Practice Improvement”, on Wednesday, April 19th starting at 12pm MDT.

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