In our ever changing health care environment, it is important for providers to advocate in matters that are in the best interests of their clients. While you are good at helping your clients with outside resources, navigating challenging public systems such as human services or courts, and helping with insurance, or in other settings like schools, often it is easy to forget to advocate on a macro level. By macro level, I am talking about how you provide services while ongoing health care legislation occurs, along with private and non-profit payers changing their processes, as well as your own professional development and practice growth . This means becoming an advocate for fair treatment by insurance companies as you participate in their networks. It also means following state and federal policy change, implementing that change, and speaking on your own behalf about what you need to be successful with your clients.

I created this advocacy page to inform you about what’s happening on a macro level in our profession, including legislation, private insurer change, and other business related matters that can directly impact your practice and the clients you serve. You can also become directly involved by taking action of your own when there are posts which request action on your part!

You can join the Smart Practice Network group I created on Linked In and share your experience about your role as advocate in our industry, and if you want to make a suggestion or post your own request for others to advocate on behalf of a cause that will benefit our profession, please share this in the group on Linked In. Also, you can always e-mail me information about a cause important to you as it pertains to mental health, and if appropriate I will post it on this advocacy page.